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610 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by gadicc 610 days ago
What are the challenges in getting Atmosphere packages to npmjs.org and how can we solve them?  For both MDG to work out what's needed in tooling and for eventual good docs for the community package authors.
866 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by gadicc 866 days ago
gadicc Meteor Accounts Rename + Redirect
Gadi C It was mentioned by MDG back on the 0.9 rc's, but never landed :>  I thought it might be helpful to put in one place exactly what work would be required here.  The basics are:
  1. Allow account rename and/or transfer of ownership
  1. Redirect queries from the old name to the new name
This means that if the user `gadicohen` is renamed to `gadicc`, requests for `gadicohen:famous-views` will automatically fetch `gadicc:famous-views`, handle version solving, etc.  Essentially alias support.
What's affected:
  1. Troposphere
  1. meteor-cli
  1. Package fetches
  1. Package publishes
  1. Atmosphere
Current Alternative
  1. Create a new account
  1. Inform your users of the upcoming change
  1. Create a new package that `imply`'s your old package
  1. Users won't get updates on the new package
Cons with this approach:
  1. Confusion with multiple similarly named packages and their different versions
  1. Lose download count, history and Atmosphere stars
  1. Breaks version solving
976 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by gadicc 976 days ago

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