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Tomas Hayes

424 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tomas Hayes 424 days ago
James G
  • ViewModel doesn't play nice with models returned from collections. ViewModel is good for like a web form that only sends an email. If you are rendering models, perhaps to update them, you actually create more work for yourself by using ViewModel than by using your models with AutoForm. The reason is you get the data out of the form via 2 way binding, but it's only in the state of the ViewModel component. Now you still gotta pass it to your actual model. ViewModel is overhyped. It's only good for the simplest least dynamic of use cases. Any time you use real models from the database you need a slightly lower level of abstraction, but if used properly (i.e. as just described) you actually have a lot less work than if you used ViewModel.
Tomas H
  • I've been using blaze with manuel:viewmodels. Can't conceive using blaze in other way now. Love it!

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